I saw this excelent article and it reminded me of my young life as a budding computer nerd.


When I was in middle school we had a new IBM lab full of PS2's, which freed up room in our tiny old Apple // lab. My science teacher took us down to the Apple lab every Wednesda...


A while back I wrote about 3/4 of a text adventure engine. It still needed some work on event handling but most of the basics where done. Navigation, inventory, and text parsing. I'm currently working on adapting some of that code for a proper game,


It's a bit of a con...


I gave the site a face-lift this week. The hexagons had to go, they just wouldn't render correctly on mobile devices. I asked WIX if they could fix it and they just sort of shrugged. I also gave the galleries a new look. I think they're a lot nicer.




I've been pretty busy on projects, and wanted to share my recently updated VR goggles. A few people have asked about how to build them so I figured I'd write a bit about that too.


It has the same stats as the last version. Reads as an Oculus DK1, has 1080p resolution....


I'm rebuilding my VR goggles today so they look a little more refined. This is my first styrene modeling project and it's a really great material to work with.





I did a little optimization on the VR set this morning. The micro-controller on the side sits a little more flush and the cables are all routed now. Biggest improvement is a strap plate for the back of the head made of foam-core and velcro. I modeled it off the back pl...


I've been very bad about updating this blog, so let's get it restarted with a bang. Last night I finished Ver1 of my homemade Oculus Rift. It's not going to win any beauty contests but it works and it's mine.


It's a bit heavier than my buddie's DK1, and the wires are a...

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