Most of the primary body work is done. Future improvements include a tinted plexiglass panel, side art, edge molding, and some instructional border art around the monitor.



I made some good progress on the arcade machine today. It's got a new computer at it's core that's 10x faster, I've mounted speakers in the marquee, and added a slide out tray for the mouse and keyboard. Next step is getting the software sorted out and then I have to f...


 I'm building a MAME arcade cabinet. It's been a dream of mine for many years and I'm over the moon to see it finally coming together. The laptop I'm currently using for it is ancient and runs even MAME badly, but it's days are numbered. I'm planning to get some second...


CPU Wars

I got this game on a whim. The rules in my opinion are only good for the truest of hardware nerds, but the deck is pretty awesome. I whipped up a quick simple set of house rules and played a couple very enjoyable games, each of us winning once.


D10D3's House Ru...


Reminder: Today is Free Comic Book Day, so go show your local comic shop some love and get a free one.



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