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DIY Rift

I've been very bad about updating this blog, so let's get it restarted with a bang. Last night I finished Ver1 of my homemade Oculus Rift. It's not going to win any beauty contests but it works and it's mine.

It's a bit heavier than my buddie's DK1, and the wires are a bit cumbersome. My next move is to wrangle the wires into a manageable group and make strap junction plate for the back of my head like the one Crescent Bay has to help distribute the load. I'll probably make that and some brackets to hold everything neatly with my 3d printer.

It's recognized by games as an Oculus DK1, has about the same head tracking but much better resolution. I can't take credit for the idea or the custom software that runs it, but it's mine and it works.

It's using an STM32F3 Discovery board, a small LCD and is built over a cheap set of cell-phone VR goggles. Later I'm going to build a custom enclosure and wrangle the wires, this is just the test model to make sure the hardware all works.

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