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Question: Who is this D10D3 guy, and what is his deal?

Answer: I'm a Maker, a hardware and software hacker, an artist, and general dreamer. I have an insatiable need to build things and modify them. I'm a lover of science fiction, fantasy, cyberpunk, comic books, computers and roleplaying games. In short, I'm a geek and a jack of all trades.


Question, the second: Why do you call yourself D10D3?

Answer: I'm old school. When I was young, and most of us couldn't get on the internet, our cyberspace was computer Bulletin Board Systems run off of phone lines. Back then you didn't just sign up as "John Doe", if you were l33t (elite) you had a handle, and substituting numbers for letters was the trend. I've had a few handles over the years, this one is inspired by my love of the simple diode, and how it has changed our lives.

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