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Wearable Computer V3

For this version of my wearble computer I switched to an Android phone for the CPU. The advantages are that the phone is a bit faster than the previous Raspberry Pi version, and has far better web interface. By defaulting to the phone version of web pages rather the desktop version it is able to better display data in the low res HMD. The downside is that I needed to use a fairly bulky adapter to convert the phones HDMI output into a composite signal that the HMD could use.

Wearable Rig V3-3
Wearable Rig V3-8
Wearable Rig V3-2
Wearable Rig V3-7
Wearable Rig V3-6
Wearable Rig V3-5
Wearable Rig V3-4
Wearable Rig V3-1
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