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USB Underwood No.5 Typewritter

If you are going to modify an antique typewritter, an Underwood No.5 is a good choice. They were incredibly popular and you can still find them pretty cheap, and sleep well knowing that you are not modifying a rare museum piece. I have modified this one with a kit that allows it to function as a USB keyboard for any computer, AND it still retains all of it's original paper typing functions. Fun fact: My iPad fits right into the carraige like it was made to go there and can accept typing unput through a USB adapter.

Flickr - 680403_4959957479692_291946729_o
Flickr - 2013-09-29 19.59.jpg
Flickr - 2014-01-18 13.46.jpg
Flickr - 331798_4959957199685_1986933601_o
Flickr - 703732_4959957559694_155645347_o
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