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Rasperry Pi Commodore 64

My childhood computer was the venerable Commodore 64. This chunky keyboard and a shoe box full of 5.25" floppy disks took me to endless landscapes of exploration and adventure. I have always kept few C64s around and a surprising number of my disks still boot. This particular C64's motherboard gave up the ghost so I decided that it would make a good home for a Raspberry Pi. In additon to the Pi and associated gear I used a magical board called a Keyrah II that allows me to use the C64's keyboard and joystick ports as USB interfaces.

Flickr - 2013-11-22 18.34.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-22 18.35.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-22 21.49.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-22 21.50.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-23 02.02.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-23 02.16.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-23 02.15.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-23 13.35.jpg
Flickr - 2013-11-23 13.35.jpg
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