Been pretty busy. I moved to a new house where I finally have dedicated workshop space. I've been working heavily on art and music with occasional forays back into hardware. My current hardware project is trying to bridge the gap between a TRS-80 Model 100 laptop from...


I am a bad monkey who hasn't been updating his site for awhile. I will attempt to correct this.

Here's a picture I just did. More updates to come.



The main construction is done, and all the components work. Now I just need to finish it and add some artwork.






I found the core for my cyberdeck. It's an Eee PC 1008HA with a broken screen. Should work fine for my purposes. It's cheap, works great, and I don't have to feel bad about removing the screen. $30, yaay Craigslist.



I've been thinking of building a Gibson/Shadowrun style cyberdeck for years. Currently I'm playing with two different ideas. 

This little keyboard is compact and has it's own mouse pointing device, but the keys are so small I don't think I could actually do any coding o...


I haven't updated in awhile. I've been practicing drone piloting and building a craptacular POV goggles set (pics soon). My current passion is restoring my vintage 1980's Heathkit Hero 1 robot.


A my friends mother saved it from going into a landfill because she knew of...


I'm getting the hang of my new nano quad. Here's a short video of my high flying adventures.






I finally gave in and bought a quadroter. This little guy ran me $60, has an on-board camera for stills and SD video, and every single part of it is easily and cheaply replaceable, so it's a pretty good first quad to learn with. If I like flying it and I get a lot bet...


With the new trailer for The Martian out I was thinking about it and I remembered something that bothered me when I read it last year. 


Our cast away astronaut endeavors at one point to grow food from potatoes that the crew had in stock for a holiday meal. So I ca...

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